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Sexy Beasts



Drum, Keys, and other stuff to strike

Liam Myerow is our drummer and is the co-founding member of the band. Like all psycho drummers, he listed his influences as individual musicians...not bands - Bill Bruford, Danny Carey, Louis Cole, Michael "Cavs" Cavanaugh, Neil Peart.
He's a Libra, but what the fuck does that have to do with anything?




Bryce Monsell plays Guitar and is the co-founding member of the band. Bryce is a deep thinker and those thoughts are guarded by his messy hair. Bryce's musical influences are Korn, System of a Down, Killswitch Engage, and Alestorm.
Bryce is a Libra, just like Liam, and that's just plain weird.




Connor Capizzi is our bass player, and like all bass players...he's tall as shit.  He also owns the most facial expressions during live gigs.

Connor's musical influences come from thrash metal, funk rock, progressive metal, and a little power metal.

Some of his influential bands are Primus, Tool, Testament, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Havok, Weather Report, Sepultura, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Connor is a Virgo, which is the creepiest sounding zodiac sign.



Front Man

Q became the band's new frontman in late 2021.  How we found this guy is the stuff of legends. 
His musical influences are Beartooth, Knocked Loose, and Ice Nine Kills.
He is a Virgo, which means he and Connor might be the same person.  IDK, Google it.

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Liam and Bryce met in 6th grade at guitar club.  Liam started young on the piano but quickly learned he wanted to bang on stuff.  Bryce started guitar at age 8, but didn't really take it seriously until he realized it could get him chicks.  By their early teens, Liam and Bryce started referring to themselves as "the band".

In 2018, Bryce's parents insisted he give School of Rock a try.  He later recruited Liam to join him.  

In 2019, they met their original frontman at the School of Rock in Fort Washington, Pa.  He would only be with the band for two gigs, though.

They needed a bass player, and Bryce knew exactly who he wanted - a kid he played youth soccer with, and they occasionally ate lunch together - Connor Capizzi - a truly authentic soul with movie star looks.  After a year of courtship, Connor came to a band meet.  Problem was,...because Connor only took lessons in school, he only owned a contrabass.  No problem...that'll be our thing.  Well, that philosophy changed after a few rehearsals. Bryce: "you can use my bass".

Dom Hancs joined the band as the 2nd guitar but left after a couple of years.  He and the guys remain close and has made some guest appearances on stage.

We were off and running!  Our first paid gig was in September 2021!

Unfortunately, the stresses of life + the pandemic created creative and personal tension and the band decided to make a change at the end of 2021. 

In comes Q. 

Some random dude Liam met at a Slipknot concert.  He was our only audition.  Immediately, the chemistry was there.

And the journey begins.

The boys have recorded 9 original songs and have many more written.  Check em' out on Spotify.

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